Your Tribe Attracts Your Wine Vibe...

Let Clara’s algorithm assign you one of nine wine tribes; perfect for your palate


Meet the Clara Wine Tribes...

The Clara Wine Tribes have been developed to group like-minded, and like-palated drinkers in different tribes that reflect what they enjoy in the world of flavour, aroma and taste. The world of wine is nuanced and varied, but there are traits that are common to them all, and these can be loosely mapped out.

As there are lots of parameters that exist for defining wine, there can be some overlap, and also variation, so this makes exploration a lot of fun. Your wine tribe is supposed to be a journey, you’ll discover wines that you didn’t think you’d be keen on, or wouldn’t usually choose from the shelf.

Red Wines


Bursting with freshness and fruitiness that brings you right into the moment, these reds are crisp and pure. Filled with mouth-watering red fruits and light tannins that provide a little structure (this means the wine makes your mouth slightly dry). Expect red berries and cherries.


Big, ripe reds are the name of the game here, smooth and plush like decadent velvet that you’d find tucked away at the back of Sotheby’s. Expect intense dark fruit, Morello cherries, chocolate and even a little coconut – and a ripe, sturdy structure.


Savoury and spiced, meaty with muscle, these reds are developed, mature and sturdy with a sense of the outdoor. In your mind they’ve just completed a Tough Mudder and are posting their mud-covered photos all over Facebook *strong arm emoji*. Spices, coffee, toast, cedar and umami flavours reign throughout.


Intriguing reds to be admired, this tribe is full of wines with balance. A little dadbod-esque, they’ve become slightly softer with age. These reds aren’t going to make your mouth pucker but they do have the hallmark of reserved grapes; hidden depth. Herbal characters and slight leather notes, these wines are for those that are lured to gamey flavours.

White Wines


Lean, linear and lithe – these crisp whites are noted for their structure, youth, freshness and vivid fruit purity. Expect fruit flavours like pear, gooseberry and apple and citrus characters of lemon, lime, grapefruit and zest.


Not afraid of a curve or two, these Kardashians of the wine world are round, ripe and full-bodied. Mediterranean and stone fruit are a plenty with bags of texture and richness usually followed by a warm finish.

Milk & Honey

Big, lush flavours with a sense of decadence – these white wines burst with ripe and tropical flavours like pineapple and lychee. However, creamy, warming characteristics can also appear in these richer wines, with more patisserie flavours like custards and cream.


Named after the art movement which distorts your perspective, these white wines tend to end up a little off the beaten track; evocative, deep & reserved. They’re subtle at first before revealing interesting layers filled with brioches, almonds and hay. Certainly never dull.



For those of experimental tastes that have yet to land in a particular place or put in a particular box. Expect a mixed variety of wines with different experiences in each bottle – think of those that like a rare, bloody steak alongside a subtle hint of freshly cut grass. Not easy to pin down but you’ll have fun trying.