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Who is Clara?

The world of wine is huge, exciting and most of all, delicious. It is also baffling, snobby and ever-changing. And can you be bothered to learn the jargon? Unlikely. That’s where Clara comes in – the world’s only AI-based, data-driven wine algorithm. Think of her as your Alexa for wine.

 She uses a simple quiz to get to know your palate and then using the data that she’s chock-full of (over 74 million types of wine with a 4* rating or above!) to tailor three bottles to your taste buds,every month!


Find Your Wine Tribe...

Created by non-experts for non-experts, Clara wants to lift the curtain on the confusing world of wine.

We figure that everyone who likes drinking wine should be able to discover, access and enjoy wines that they like in a fun, convenient and relaxed way (and at a decent price). By using innovative technology, every customer will head off on their own personal wine journey where they can learn, share, explore, develop and stretch their wine tastes. And we promise she won’t ask you if you can taste the melodic and viscous espresso notes at the back of your tongue *rolls eyes*.

Clara; the simple but clever wine company. Because life is
too short to drink bad wine.